Why Do My AirPods Keep Pausing and How to Fix It

When Apple released AirPods in 2016, it wasn’t just about introducing new headphones.

They represented a new way of listening to music without any strings.

Because they were easy to use and very beautiful, everyone quickly fell in love with them and these earbuds became very popular in a short time.

why do my airpods keep pausing

They work perfectly with Apple devices, which makes them even better for people who use iPhones.

However, sometimes AirPods can suddenly stop working while you’re listening to music, watching a video, or talking on the phone. It can be very irritating.

The good thing is that most of these problems can be solved if you follow some simple steps. Sometimes the problems come from the sensor on the headphones or with the connection to the phone.

There are tips that can help you solve these problems so that your experience with AirPods is even better. In the rest of the text, we will talk about what makes AirPods special, why problems sometimes occur with them, and how you can ensure that your listening to music is always pleasant and uninterrupted.

Understanding AirPods Functionality

Common Reasons for AirPods Pausing

One of the most interesting things about AirPods is that they can automatically recognize when you put them in your ears and immediately start playing music. When you take them out, the music stops by itself. They do this by using special sensors that sense when they are in the ears and when they are not, which makes listening to music very simple and convenient.

However, it can sometimes happen that AirPods pause music when you don’t want them to. This could be due to the sensor falsely detecting that the headphones are removed from the ears, perhaps due to dirt or some other issue.

Basically, these smart features make AirPods convenient and interactive, but sometimes they can cause problems. Below we will see why this happens and how we can solve these interruptions so that the AirPods work smoothly and without any interruptions.

Common Reasons for AirPods Pausing

Ever wondered why, all of a sudden, the play of your tunes by your AirPods just stopped? Let’s get into what had been the cause and fix them together, step by step, in some simplest ways.

1. Check AirPods Battery

Think of your AirPods as your musical buddies, and every buddy needs a little energy to keep the dancing going. When the battery gets close to a low level, your AirPods could come to a stop with the music—almost as if they were taking a break. Avoid this by charging them. If you notice that they run out of juice too fast, giving them a full charge might just keep your music playing longer.

2. Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth is what connects your AirPods to your phone or tablet, like an invisible thread. If it is stretched far or blocked by something, your music will pause. Only make sure that your phone is within reach of the AirPods and nothing big should be blocking the way, such as walls. If they keep pausing, turn the Bluetooth off and then back on to fix the connection.

3. Dirty AirPods

Sensors built into your AirPods are tiny sensors that can tell whether your AirPods are in your ears or not. If they get dirty or blocked, some AirPods may mistake being taken out of your ears and pause the music. You can keep these sensors clean with the help of a soft cloth and prevent some of these annoying interruptions.

4. Outdated Software

Your AirPods have some software—kind of like their brains—that sometimes requires updating. Those updates may fix any bugs and improve their performance.

If your AirPods start stopping without any clear reason, you can always check if there is any available update and install. This you can do through going to settings on your iPhone.

5. Check AirPods Double-Tap Action

With the tap control, your AirPods can pause and play music with a tap. But this touch is so sensitive that it might make pauses when you really don’t want them. You can change how this touch works in your phone setting to be sure it brings the music to a halt at your command.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

Troubleshooting and Solutions

You know when you finally get into the groove with your favorite track and really start feeling it, and then instead, your AirPods decide to randomly pause? Annoyance, the kind so many of us are used to, and I’ve been there too.

This article through the usual suspects of this issue and how to fix them, with pragmatic advice and firsthand experiences.

1. Tackling the Dreaded Low Battery

And remember the time your AirPods paused in the middle of that call, which was really important? It could have been the low battery alert. AirPods have developed various characteristics when they get low or minimal power. They tend to do many pauses and unnecessary steps. We show you what can be done in the following article.

Tip for checking the battery level of your AirPods: I do check from time to time the battery widget in my phone, and by that, I keep track of their power. Saves me from their sudden cuts.

Charge them regularly: do not wait for the battery to run all the way down. Place them in the case, which returns the AirPods to a consistent power level whenever they’re not in use.

Apply the settings for optimized battery saving, which would mean the turning off of features like noise cancellation when you don’t really need it, probably in a bid to stretch your battery life and avoid those untimely pauses.

2. Solving Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

The tricky issues of Bluetooth can come in such a way that the music is paused abruptly, and I have found that consistent connections can avert such pauses.

Stay close to your device—the further you move from your device, the weaker the Bluetooth signal. Try to have the source of sound, which is your device, in within some feet to your AirPods in order to get a good connection.

Lessen wireless interference: Too many signals can cause a hitch in a connection. When I am in crowded places, at times I have to switch off the other Bluetooth devices that I am not using in order to give my AirPods a clear path.

Reconnect: In case you still get pauses in sound, disconnect then reconnect your AirPods. Enter the Bluetooth settings of your device, forget the AirPods, and pair it again.

3. Cleaning to Combat Proximity Sensor Malfunctions

The proximity sensors assist your AirPods in knowing when they are in your ears. The sensors can also fool them—this is the cause of sudden pausing for people with AirPods. Further, that dirt or earwax on the sensors can come from the proximate settings. Properly cleaning can help:

Cleaning routine: every other day, I wipe them gently with the cloth to remove any dirt, so it doesn’t accumulate to a level where it affects the sensors.

Be very gentle, but do it right: The use of a soft bristle may help in the removal of some stubborn earwax or dirt, even from the nooks and crannies, without necessarily damaging the AirPods.

Avoid liquids: Water and other fluids can damage the internals of your AirPods, so stick to dry cleaning methods.

4. Firmware and Software Updates

Outdated software can cause various problems, including random pauses. Make sure your AirPods are up to date with the latest model to have the best performance.

Update your AirPods. First, make sure your AirPods are in the charging case, and then, having your device connected, go to Bluetooth settings to see if there is an update available. Perform the update: If an update is available, make it by following on-screen instructions. Ensure your AirPods are nearby whenever the update is in progress.

5. Configuring Double-Tap and Touch Controls

You wouldn’t like your AirPods pausing when they are not supposed to, right? Misconfigured touch controls could be the reason for such a mishap. Setting up the commands to your liking will ensure that accidental Access touch settings: In your device’s Bluetooth menu, find your AirPods and tap on them to see the control settings. Make your controls truly your own—customize double-tap or touch settings to be more or less sensitive. Then your AirPods won’t inadvertently pause and become more responsive to your actual commands.

Advanced Troubleshooting

After you try all the basic fixes and your AirPods are still pausing, it’s time to move on and get you into some more advanced troubleshooting. I have been there, done that, and these could really change the game for you in solving those stubborn problems.

Restarting and Reconnecting Your AirPods

Sometimes, your AirPods just really need a fresh start. To deal with deeper issues and problems that result in odd pa, unpairing and resetting are the best ways. Here’s how you can do it the right way:

Unpair your AirPods: Open your Bluetooth settings from the settings of the device and proceed to view the specific AirPods from the list. Select “Forget this device” and tap on it. This activity will remove your AirPods from the device, disconnecting them to clear up any minor glitches.

How to reset the AirPods: First, ensure that the AirPods have been placed in the charging case with an open lid. Press and hold the setup button, located on the back of the case. Continue pressing it until the status light flashes amber and then white. Your AirPods will be reset.

If in case you do not find your AirPods, reconnect it to your device by opening the Chardoping case near to your device. It will prompt you to connect AirPods to the device and complete the process of pairing it up again according to the on-screen guide.

Seeking Professional Help

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals. Apple Support is committed to resolving even the most difficult problems with basic troubleshooting. Get the most from Apple Support.

Identify the problem: Before you contact Apple Support, do make sure that you identify the problem. Be prepared to explain at what times and how often it pauses, and indeed what you might have attempted in the past in efforts to fix it.

Get help online or by phone: Start at the Apple Support website and chat with an advisor or schedule a phone call. Most likely, they will determine what may be happening to your Mac and advise how to fix the issue without leaving your location.

Visit an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider: Make an appointment ahead of time to get in-person help from the Genius Bar at an Apple Store or authorized service provider. They’ll check out your AirPods and see if there’s a hardware issue causing them to pause.

Warranty and Replacement Considerations

Knowing the status of your warranty and what it covers can save you a lot of hassle and potentially some money if your AirPods are in need of professional attention. Check warranty status: Under this, you have to check if your AirPods are still under the warranty that depends on the purchase time and warranty terms. Standard warranties with Apple usually cater for up to one year; however, with AppleCare+, you get further coverage and additional support.

What it covers: Know what parts are covered by the warranty or AppleCare+. Usually, coverage includes manufacturing but may exclude accident or misuse damage. Consider replacement or repair: If the AirPods fall under the warranty and if the problem arises within the same, then Apple is likely to provide free repair or replacement or at a reduced price.

Either way, check either with Apple Support or an authorized service provider. In many cases, proceeding through these advanced troubleshooting steps can often solve those weird pauses in your AirPods.

Whether it’s a simple reset, a deeper dive with Apple Support, understanding your warranty and replacement options, it will offer you a full perspective of the ways your needs can be met to get the AirPods back to performance.


We’ve gone through a lot of ways to stop your AirPods from pausing when they shouldn’t. We looked at easy fixes like making sure they’re charged, keeping them clean, and checking the Bluetooth connection. We also talked about what to do if those simple steps don’t work, like resetting your AirPods, getting help from Apple, and understanding your warranty.

Before thinking about getting new AirPods, try these steps. They’ve helped many people, and they can probably help you too. Keeping your AirPods working well means you can enjoy your music or calls without annoying pauses.

I’d love to know how these tips worked for you or if you have any other advice to share. Your thoughts can really help others who might be having the same trouble. Let’s make listening to our AirPods better for everyone!

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