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polk r700 review

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Polk R700 Specs


Size and Weight: 16.9 x 12.6 x 45 inches / 94.8 pounds

Colors: Black and Brown

Sound Quality

Impedance: 3.6 Ohm

Frequency response range: 38Hz -38kHz

Sensitivity: 88 dB

Speaker Maximum Output Power: 200 Watts


Connectivity Technology: Optical

Polk R700

Polk R700


Polk r700 design

As an enthusiast with a keen eye for speaker design, I recently had the opportunity to explore the Polk R700 floorstanding speakers. These speakers aren’t just about sound; they are a statement piece for any room. Let’s delve into what makes the R700’s design stand out.

Sleek Colors and Sophisticated Look

First off, the Polk R700 speakers offer two color choices – a classic black and a warm walnut veneer. The black is perfect for modern, minimalist rooms, giving that sleek, contemporary vibe. On the other hand, the walnut veneer is all about warmth and elegance, fitting beautifully in more traditional spaces. It’s not just a speaker; it’s a part of your room’s decor.

Sturdy Build and Thoughtful Details

What impressed me most about the R700 was its solid build. The speakers feel robust, a clear sign they’re made to last. Every part, from the rounded corners to the magnetic grilles, is designed with both form and function in mind. The grilles are easy to take off when you want to show off the speaker’s components or leave them on for a cleaner look.

Polk R700 Dimensions

The dimensions of the R700 speakers (16.9 x 12.6 x 45 inches) make them substantial but not overwhelming. They have a presence in the room without taking over. And at about 95 pounds, they’re stable and sturdy, yet movable with some effort.

Innovative Design Features

A standout feature is the Power Port 2.0 at the base. It’s not just there for show; it enhances the bass, making the sound feel fuller and more immersive. The R700 also comes with adjustable feet – rubber for hard floors and spikes for carpets. It’s these small details that show Polk’s attention to different user needs.


Polk r700 sound quality

As someone who’s always on the hunt for great audio experiences, I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the world of the Polk Audio Reserve R700 Floorstanding Loudspeaker. This speaker isn’t just about delivering sound; it’s about crafting an experience. Let me take you through what makes the Polk R700 a standout in its category.

Midrange Clarity

The midrange is where the R700 truly shines. With its Turbine Cone design, voices and instruments are rendered with a clarity that’s almost tangible. Imagine sitting in a live concert, and you can almost reach out and touch the notes – that’s the level of clarity we’re talking about. Every string pluck and vocal nuance is delivered with pristine precision, making your favorite tracks sound anew.

Bass Performance

Now, let’s talk about the bass. The R700 speakers, equipped with dual 8″ woofers and Polk’s Power Port 2.0 technology, offer a bass response that’s both deep and controlled. It’s like feeling the pulse of the music without it overpowering the other elements. Whether you’re into classical music or hard-hitting rock, the bass is there – palpable and precise, but never overwhelming.

Highs: Crisp and Clear

The highs, thanks to the 1″ Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter, are a revelation. We’re talking about a crispness that brings out the shimmer in cymbals and the sparkle in acoustic guitars. There’s no harshness or fatigue, just a smooth, airy quality that makes the high notes float effortlessly in your room.

Imaging and Soundstage

The imaging and soundstage of the R700 are something to behold. Close your eyes while listening, and you can point out where each instrument is playing in the room. The soundstage is broad and expansive, giving a sense of space and depth that’s truly immersive. It’s like having the artists performing right there in your living room.

Frequency Response and Technical Prowess

With a frequency response of 38Hz to 38kHz, the Polk Audio R700 covers a wide range of sounds, from the lowest bass to the highest treble. The speakers handle a sensitivity of 88dB with ease, ensuring that every detail in your music is captured, even at lower volumes. And with a minimum impedance of 3.6 Ohms, they’re versatile enough to pair with a variety of amplifiers, delivering consistent, high-quality sound.


Polk r700 connectivity and installation

As I embarked on integrating the Polk Audio Reserve R700 into my home theater, I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and adaptability of these floorstanding speakers. For those venturing into setting up these beauties, here’s a first-hand account of how straightforward it is.

Setting the Stage in Your Home Theater

Integrating the R700 speakers into a home theater is like adding the final, perfect piece to a puzzle. The speakers are designed to serve as front, side, or rear channels in a surround sound setup, offering immense flexibility. The real charm lies in their ability to deliver a full-bodied sound that fills the room, making them ideal for a diverse range of audio-visual experiences.

Finding the Sweet Spot for Placement

Positioning the R700s is more art than science. While Polk recommends placing them eight to ten feet apart, I found a little experimentation goes a long way. After some trial and error, placing them about three feet from the front wall, angled slightly towards the main seating area, unlocked a rich and immersive soundstage. This setup, which audiophiles refer to as ‘toe-in’, enhances the focus of sound, making dialogues crisper and music more enveloping.

Amplifier Compatibility: A Versatile Match

One of the R700’s strengths is its compatibility with a range of amplifiers. Whether it’s a modest Sonos amp for a simple setup or more robust models like the Marantz 8015 or Onkyo 7100 for a power-packed performance, these speakers are accommodating. They are particularly responsive to amplifiers providing 100 Watts or more, allowing them to showcase their full dynamic range.

Connecting with Various Audio Sources

The R700’s optical connectivity is a gateway to numerous audio sources. From streaming music through a TV to high-definition audio from a Blu-ray player, these speakers handle it all seamlessly. What’s impressive is their consistent performance across different mediums – be it movies, TV shows, music, or gaming.

⚖️Comparison with Competitors

Polk r700 comparison with competitors

As an audiophile, I’ve always been on the quest for the perfect speaker, one that not only fills my room with sound but also touches my soul. My journey led me to the Polk Reserve R700, and here’s why it stands a notch above its worthy competitors.

Polk R700 vs Klipsch RP-8000F

The moment I switched to the R700 from the Klipsch RP-8000F, the difference was palpable. The R700 didn’t just play music; it told a story. Where the Klipsch impressed with its dynamic prowess, the R700 brought a balance and naturalness that was music to my ears, literally. It’s like the R700 knows what I want to hear, from the softest notes of a piano to the booming bass of a rock concert.

Polk R700 vs Bowers & Wilkins 603

The B&W 603 is a masterpiece, no doubt, but the R700 brings something extra to the table – Dolby Atmos. Watching a movie with the R700, I felt like I was in the middle of the action, the sound coming from all around me. It’s not just about hearing; it’s about experiencing the sound.

Polk R700 vs KEF Q950

The KEF Q950 is a formidable opponent with its Uni-Q driver array, but where it truly met its match with the R700 was in the bass. The R700’s larger drivers deliver a depth and richness in bass that the KEF struggles to match. It’s not just sound; it’s a feeling that resonates through your body.

Polk R700 vs ELAC Debut F6.2 

While the ELAC F6.2 is a budget-friendly option, the R700 elevates the listening experience to a whole new level. The build quality, the attention to detail, and the premium features like Dolby Atmos – it’s like comparing a comfortable sedan to a luxury sports car.

Polk R700 vs MartinLogan Motion 40

The Motion 40 is a beauty, but the R700 is the beast in versatility. Whether it’s jazz, classical, or the latest pop hits, the R700 adapts and excels, making it the perfect companion for any genre.

💰 Price and Value

When assessing the Polk Audio Reserve R700 in terms of price and value, it becomes clear that these speakers offer a remarkable deal. They’re positioned in the mid-range market, yet the quality they deliver could easily justify a higher price tag.

In the realm of audio equipment, where prices can skyrocket for marginal improvements, the R700s stand out as a breath of fresh air. They bring to the table a level of audio fidelity that rivals many high-end speakers, which often come with a significantly heftier cost. The balance of crisp highs, detailed midranges, and deep bass that the R700s provide is typically associated with more expensive models.

The value of the R700s goes beyond just their sound quality. Their build and design exude a sense of luxury and longevity, suggesting that these speakers will be a lasting fixture in any home audio setup. This durability adds to their value proposition, making the initial investment even more worthwhile.

Who Should Buy the POLK R700?

For anyone wondering if the Polk Audio Reserve R700 is the right choice for their audio setup, let’s consider who would benefit most from bringing these speakers into their home.

The Audiophile Seeking a Balanced Sound: If you’re an audiophile who craves a speaker that delivers a balanced sound across all frequencies, the R700 is for you. Its ability to produce crisp highs, rich mids, and deep lows without any one range overpowering the others makes it a top choice for those who appreciate nuanced sound.

The Home Theater Enthusiast: If you’re building or upgrading your home theater system, the R700s are an excellent choice. Their dynamic range and clarity make them ideal for immersive movie-watching experiences. Additionally, their compatibility with other components in the Polk Reserve line means you can create a cohesive and high-performing surround sound system.

The Music Lover Exploring High-Resolution Audio: For those starting to explore the world of high-resolution audio formats like FLAC, DSD, or MQA, the R700s are an ideal match. They’re crafted to reveal the intricate details in high-quality recordings, offering an elevated listening experience.

The Design-Conscious Listener: Beyond their sonic capabilities, these speakers are also a visual treat. With a sleek design and high-quality finishes, they’ll complement and enhance the aesthetic of any room. If you value both sound and style, the R700s won’t disappoint.

Budget-Conscious Audiophiles: For individuals who want premium sound but are mindful of their budget, the R700 strikes an appealing balance. They offer a taste of high-end audio performance without the steep price tag often associated with such quality.

Real World Performance- Testing Across Different Scenarios

Polk R700 Real world performance

After spending considerable time with the Polk Reserve R700, I’ve put it through its paces in various scenarios. Here’s what I found:

Home Theater Experience (Rating: 8.8/10)

In a home theater setup, the R700s were stellar. The soundstage was wide and immersive, especially with movies that support Dolby Atmos. Dialogues were crystal clear, and the action scenes had a punchy impact. However, for the full cinematic rumble, I felt the need for an additional subwoofer.

Music Listening – Various Genres (Rating: 7/10)

The R700s are quite versatile across different music genres, but they truly excel in mid-range frequencies. Classical and jazz sounded fantastic, but when it came to heavy bass tracks, they lacked that extra oomph. Rock and pop were enjoyable, but for bass heads, these might not be the first choice.

Gaming Immersion (Rating: 6/10)

For casual gaming, the speakers did a decent job, providing a good sense of environment and depth. However, for competitive gaming, where directional audio cues are crucial, they fell short. Dedicated gaming speakers or a headset might be a better choice in this scenario.

Casual TV and Streaming (Rating: 8.3/10)

For everyday TV watching and streaming, the R700s were more than adequate. News, talk shows, and sitcoms came through with excellent clarity. They handle lower volumes well, making them a good choice for regular TV viewing.

Large Room Performance (Rating: 7.6/10)

In a large room, the speakers managed to fill the space, but at higher volumes, there was a slight loss in detail. They work well in a spacious setting, but for optimal performance, careful placement and possibly additional speakers might be needed.

Small Room/Apartment Setting (Rating: 5/10)

In a smaller room, the R700s can be overwhelming. They’re powerful speakers, and in confined spaces, it’s challenging to find the right volume balance without overpowering the room.

Party Scenario with Mixed Media (Rating: 6/10)

During a party with mixed media playing, the speakers were good but not great. They handled a variety of tracks well, but in a noisy, crowded environment, they struggled to maintain a presence without cranking up to high volumes, which wasn’t always ideal.


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