Marantz Model 40N Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a sound system that not only plays music but transforms it?

In our comprehensive Marantz Model 40n review, we’re diving deep into an audio experience that could redefine your home listening.

Whether you’re an audiophile, a vinyl lover, or someone who just loves great music, this review is for you.

marantz model 40n review

Imagine an amplifier that not only enhances your favorite tunes but becomes the heart of your home’s audio setup.

With the Marantz Model 40n, you’re not just investing in a piece of technology; you’re opening doors to a world where every beat, every note, and every melody resonates with clarity and depth.

But is the Marantz Model 40n the right match for your audio needs?

Let’s embark on a journey through its features, performance, and design to find out.

Get ready to discover if this is the sound system you’ve been waiting for!

Marantz Model 40N

Marantz Model 40N


marantz model 40n design

When I first unboxed the Marantz Model 40n, its size and presence were immediately noticeable. With dimensions of 17.4″ x 5.1″ x 17″, it commands attention. The weight, a hefty 43.3 pounds, reassured me of its solid build – it felt like holding a piece of well-crafted machinery.

Build and Materials

The body of the Marantz Model 40n is encased in full aluminum. This isn’t just for looks; aluminum is known for its strength and longevity. It’s reassuring to know that this isn’t a device that will show wear and tear easily. Also, aluminum acts as a shield against noise, keeping your music pure and undisturbed.

The Design Aesthetic

What really sets the Marantz Model 40n apart is its design. The front display, with the iconic Marantz “porthole,” blends a vintage vibe with modern functionality.

The attention to detail in the design is something I admire every time I use it. The front panel has this subtle pattern that feels good to touch, and the knobs turn with a smoothness that screams quality. It’s these little things that make using the Marantz Model 40n a pleasure.


MARANTZ MODEL 40N sound quality

When I first tuned into the Marantz Model 40n, the experience was akin to stepping into a new realm of sound. Marantz has always had a knack for crafting audio that touches the soul, and with the Model 40n, they’ve raised the bar. Its ability to churn out sound that’s both bold and detailed is something that needs to be heard to be believed.

HDAM Technology

The standout feature for me is the HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules) Circuit technology. This isn’t just technical jargon; it’s the core of what makes the Marantz 40n special. The way it handles the intricacies of each note, preserving the essence of the music, is simply mesmerizing. It’s like the Model 40n doesn’t just play music; it feels it.


The bass performance of the Marantz n40 is a thrill. It’s not just about the depth of the bass; it’s about how seamlessly it blends with the overall sound profile. Whether you’re adding a subwoofer or relying on your speakers, the bass is always tight, tuneful, and perfectly integrated.

Power and Finesse

Power in an amplifier is one thing, but how the Marantz Model 40n uses that power is what sets it apart. With its robust output, every genre of music is handled with a finesse that brings out the best in every track. The soundstage is wide, the details are crisp, and the warmth of the Marantz sound signature is ever-present.

High-Res Audio

Embracing the era of high-resolution audio, the Marantz Model 40 showcases its prowess in delivering crystal-clear sound. Streaming high-res tracks feels like a live performance happening right in your room. The layers of sound are so well defined, it’s a treat for the ears.


marantz model 40n setup and installation

The Marantz Model 40 really shines in its versatility. Whether you’re a fan of streaming music, love your old CD collection, or are venturing into the world of vinyl, this amplifier has you covered. Its range of connections supports various audio sources, making it the heart of my home audio system. The setup process guided me through making these connections, ensuring that each component of my music setup found its perfect match in the Model 40n.

Overcoming Minor Hurdles

Yes, there were a couple of bumps along the road – the Wi-Fi setup and a necessary firmware update. But these were small steps, quickly navigated, and they led to a seamless audio experience. The terminal spacing was a bit tight for some of my cables, but it was a minor hiccup in what was otherwise a smooth journey.

Display and Formats

The Model 40n’s display, while sleek, doesn’t show track information, which means I often used my phone to control streaming. It’s a small concession in the grand scheme of things. The lack of AIFF file support might be a point to consider for some, but for my collection and streaming preferences, it wasn’t a dealbreaker.


marantz model 40n connectivity and features

Pairing my phone with the Marantz Model 40n Bluetooth was a breeze. It’s just a few taps and voila – I’m streaming my favorite playlists from Spotify and Tidal. The sound? It’s pure and clear, just what you’d expect from Marantz.

For Vinyl Lovers

If you love vinyl records like I do, you’ll appreciate how the Model 40n makes playing them easy. Just plug in your turntable and you’re ready to go. The sound of my vinyl collection has never been better.

Remote Control

The remote control looks pretty standard, but it does the job well. It took me a bit to figure out which button does what in dim lighting, but once I got used to it, controlling my music became second nature.

All Your Devices, One Hub

The Marantz 40n is like the friendly neighborhood hub for all your audio devices. Want to hook up your TV? Use the HDMI port. Got different music players? There are plenty of inputs to plug them into. It’s like this amp can connect with almost anything you have.

The HEOS App

Using the HEOS app to control the Model 40n adds another level of convenience. Sure, there are a few small hiccups when switching between different music sources, but they’re hardly a bother when you have such control at your fingertips.

A Perfect Mix

What I love about the Marantz Model 40n is how it brings together the best of both digital and analog. Whether you’re streaming the latest hits or playing classic albums, this amp handles it all with ease.


marantz model 40n comparison with competitors

Marantz Model 40n vs Yamaha A-S801

The Marantz Model 40n stands out with its HEOS Built-in technology for easy streaming and multi-room audio, offering a more modern and versatile listening experience compared to the Yamaha A-S801. While the Yamaha excels in delivering a neutral sound and features a high-quality DAC, the Marantz offers a warmer, more musical sound signature, appealing to those who prioritize a classic audiophile experience.

Marantz Model 40n vs Denon PMA-1600NE

The Marantz Model 40n and Denon PMA-1600NE are closely matched, with both offering high-resolution audio support. However, the Marantz edges out with its proprietary HDAM circuitry, ensuring a more refined and pure audio experience. The Denon’s Advanced AL32 Processing Plus is impressive, but the Marantz’s combination of modern streaming capabilities and a classic sound profile might appeal more to traditional audiophiles.

Marantz Model 40n vs Cambridge Audio CXA81

The Cambridge Audio CXA81 is a strong contender with its Bluetooth aptX HD support and balanced sound. However, the Marantz Model 40n’s integration with voice control and its distinctively musical sound gives it an advantage for users seeking a blend of modern functionality and high-fidelity audio.

Marantz Model 40n vs NAD C 368

The NAD C 368’s Modular Design Construction offers great flexibility, but the Marantz Model 40n takes the lead in terms of user experience with its HEOS multi-room technology and elegant design. The Marantz’s focus on delivering a high-quality, consistent audio performance makes it a preferable choice for those valuing reliability and aesthetic appeal.

Marantz Model 40n vs Rotel A14

While the Rotel A14 focuses on traditional hi-fi elements and offers a robust build, the Marantz Model 40n excels in providing a more comprehensive package with its streaming capabilities, custom-tuned sound, and sleek design, making it a better all-rounder for a variety of users.

💰 Price and Value

The question is, does the Marantz Model 40n justify its price? From my experience, the answer is a resounding yes. You’re not just paying for a piece of equipment; you’re investing in years of Marantz’s expertise and innovation. Every feature, from its Bluetooth connectivity to its vinyl playback, is crafted to enhance your listening experience.

The Long-Term Perspective

When considering its price, think long-term. This isn’t a purchase you’ll be looking to replace any time soon. The Model 40n is built to last, both in build quality and in technological relevance. Its ability to blend with both classic and modern audio sources means it won’t become obsolete with the next wave of tech innovations.

Who Should Buy Marantz Model 40N?

For the Audiophiles

If you’re someone who can distinguish between the subtle nuances in sound, the Marantz Model 40n is like hitting the jackpot. Its ability to preserve the integrity of sound, combined with Marantz’s famed HDAM technology, makes it an audiophile’s dream. Every note is crisp, every melody flows smoothly, and every listening session becomes a live performance.

Vinyl Enthusiasts

Are you in love with the warm, rich sound of vinyl? The Model 40n respects this classic format with its built-in MM phono stage. It’s designed to elevate your vinyl listening experience, making it an ideal choice for those who have a cherished record collection.

The Tech-Savvy Music Lover

In today’s world, where streaming music is the norm, the Marantz Model 40n seamlessly integrates into a modern lifestyle. Its Bluetooth capabilities and HEOS integration mean you can stream from Spotify, Tidal, and more with ease. If you love having the world of music at your fingertips, the Model 40n is your kind of amplifier.

Home Cinema Enthusiasts

For those who love immersing themselves in movies, the HDMI ARC feature of the Marantz Model 40n is a game-changer. It allows you to experience movie soundtracks in a way that regular TV speakers can’t match. It’s perfect for creating a home cinema experience that’s both visually and sonically impressive.

Real World Performance- Testing Across Different Scenarios


Home Theater Setup (Rating: 7.3/10)

In a home theater setup, the Marantz Model 40n performs admirably, delivering clear, detailed sound that enhances movie watching. However, it lacks some advanced surround sound features found in dedicated AV receivers.

Stereo Music Listening (Rating: 9.7/10)

This is where the Marantz Model 40n truly shines. Its warm, rich sound profile is perfect for listening to music in a stereo setup, offering depth and clarity that will satisfy most audiophiles.

Multi-Room Audio Setup (Rating: 8.3/10)

With HEOS Built-in, the Marantz Model 40n is well-suited for multi-room audio setups. It allows seamless streaming and control across different rooms, although its performance can vary depending on the network setup.

Casual Listening in Small Spaces (Rating: 7.7/10)

The receiver works well in small spaces, providing more than enough power and clarity. However, its full potential might be underutilized in such environments.

Large Spaces or Outdoor Areas (Rating: 5/10)

While the Marantz Model 40n is powerful, it may not be the best fit for very large or outdoor spaces where more robust sound projection is needed.

Integration with Gaming Consoles (Rating: 6.2/10)

The receiver handles gaming audio well, offering an immersive experience. However, it lacks some gaming-specific features like variable refresh rate support.

Use with High-End Audiophile Equipment (Rating: 8.5/10)

The Marantz Model 40n pairs nicely with high-end equipment, enhancing the overall audio quality. Its performance in this scenario is quite impressive, though not at the pinnacle of what’s available in the market.

Streaming Music Services (Rating: 8.2/10)

The built-in HEOS system allows for excellent integration with various streaming services. The user experience is smooth, but sound quality can depend on the service used.

Vinyl Playback (Rating: 7.4/10)

The Marantz Model 40n offers a good phono stage for vinyl playback. It provides a warm, pleasing sound but might not satisfy the most demanding vinyl enthusiasts.

Marantz Model 40N Specs


Size and Weight: 17 x 17.4 x 5.1 inches / 43.3 pounds

Colors: Black


Amplifier Type: Integrated Amplifier (Preamp/Power Amp Combo)
Channels: 2.1
Power Output per Channel: 2-Channel Driven: 70 W at 8 Ohms, 100 W at 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 50 kHz
THD: 0.02% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Speaker Impedance: Not Specified by Manufacturer
Damping Factor: 100

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Wireless Audio Protocols: AirPlay 2, HEOS, Spotify Connect


Rear A/V Inputs:
1 x Stereo RCA
3 x RCA
1 x RCA Power Amp Direct
1 x Optical TOSLINK
1 x Digital Coaxial
1 x HDMI
1 x USB-A

Rear A/V Outputs:
1 x Stereo RCA Recorder
1 x RCA Subwoofer Pre-Out

Front I/O:
1 x 1/4" / 6.35 mm Headphone Output

Other Rear I/O:
1 x RJ45
1 x RCA (Remote) Input
1 x RCA (Remote) Output
2 x Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Coaxial F-Type

Speaker I/O:
2 x 3-Way Binding Post Pairs


Virtual Assistant: Apple AirPlay, Works with Alexa, Works with Google Assistant

Additional info

Input Impedance:
Phono: 47 Kilohms
RCA: 20 Kilohms
Power Amp: 15 Kilohms

Input Sensitivity:
Phono (MM): 2 mV
RCA: 220 mV
Power Amp Direct: 1.6 V


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