What No One Tells You: Honest JBL PRX One Review

Have you ever wondered what sets the JBL PRX ONE apart in the crowded world of sound systems?

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jbl prx one review

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Size and Weight: 18.9 x 25.4 x 33.4 inches / 55 pounds

Colors: Black

Sound Quality

Impedance: 4kΩ

Frequency response range: 40 Hz -20 kHz

Speaker Maximum Output Power: 2000 Watts


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB


JBL Professional PRX ONE


jbl prx one design

When exploring the world of audio equipment, the design and build of a speaker can make or break your experience. This is where the JBL PRX ONE truly shines. Let’s take a closer, more user-centric look at what makes this speaker a standout in design and durability.

Elegant Design

The first thing that strikes you about the JBL PRX ONE is its sleek, refined appearance. It’s not just another black box; it’s a testament to thoughtful design. What’s more impressive is how JBL has managed to pack durability into this elegance. Despite its robust build, the speaker is surprisingly light – just 55 pounds. This blend of strength and lightness is a huge plus, making it a breeze to move around, whether you’re a DJ moving from gig to gig or setting it up in a conference hall.

The Magic of Mini Line-Array Design

The PRX ONE’s mini line-array design is not only about looking good; it’s a game-changer in sound delivery. This design means clearer sounds, especially for vocals – so your music or speech cuts through crisply. Plus, it’s great at keeping feedback noise at bay, which is a real lifesaver in live settings.

Thoughtful Design Touches

JBL didn’t stop at just the speaker; they thought about its journey too. The carrying case for the speaker array is a stroke of genius. It’s tough, it’s protective, and it fits like a glove – a sign that JBL cares about the speaker’s longevity as much as you do.

Sturdy and Tall

The PRX ONE isn’t just a pretty face; it’s designed to stand tall and stable. This is crucial, especially with its towering array setup. JBL has smartly balanced its height to ensure the best sound spread without compromising on stability.


JBL PRX ONE sound quality

When it comes to the Jbl PRX One powered column pa speaker, its sound quality is a journey worth delving into. As someone who appreciates good sound, I found the PRX ONE to be a fascinating blend of power and finesse. Let’s break down what makes this speaker stand out in the realm of audio.

Unpacking the Powerhouse

The moment you fire up the PRX ONE, you’re greeted with a sound that’s both mighty and clear. It’s all thanks to the 2000W Class-D amplifier. What this means in simple terms is that whether you’re playing soft background music or cranking up the volume at a party, the sound stays crystal clear. No crackles, no distortion, just pure, clean audio.

The Bass Experience

Now, let’s talk bass – a crucial element for any music lover. The PRX ONE delivers a bass that’s deep and resonant, but not overwhelming. It’s the kind of bass that feels right – not too punchy, not too soft. It’s perfect for most music genres and gives a live performance that extra oomph.

Consistency is Key

What impressed me the most about the PRX ONE was how it spread sound evenly across the room. Thanks to the JBL A.I.M. technology, it doesn’t matter where you’re standing or sitting; the audio experience remains consistent. This is a big deal, especially if you’re using it in larger spaces.

Mixing Made Easy

For those who like to tweak and fine-tune their sound, the built-in 7-channel digital mixer is a gem. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to adjust settings to get the sound just right. Even if you’re not a sound tech expert, you’ll find managing the mixer a breeze.

Loud but Clear

One of the PRX ONE’s strong suits is its ability to go loud without losing clarity. This is a lifesaver in live events where you need volume but don’t want to sacrifice sound quality. It’s like the speaker knows just how to balance loudness and clarity.


jbl prx one connectivity and installation

In the world of portable audio, how a system connects and sets up can be just as important as how it sounds. The JBL PRX ONE offers a blend of user-friendly connectivity and straightforward installation that caters to both audio professionals and novices alike. Let’s delve into what makes this system a standout in these aspects.

Seamless Control with JBL Pro Connect

The centerpiece of the PRX ONE’s connectivity is the JBL PRX One Connect app. Available on both Android and iOS, this app transforms your mobile device into a remote control for your speaker. With it, you can easily save and recall presets, access exclusive app-only features like speaker snapshots, and adjust delay tap tempo. While some users have pointed out glitches, particularly on Android devices, the overall functionality of the app adds a layer of convenience to the system.

Portability and Ease of Assembly

One of the PRX ONE’s strongest suits is its portability. Weighing in at a manageable 55 pounds, it’s a breeze to transport, making it ideal for various events and venues. The ease of assembly is a real game-changer. With just three main pieces to put together, it’s far less complicated than many of its competitors. This simplicity in setup means less time fiddling with equipment and more time enjoying the event.

Versatility in Sound Control

The PRX ONE shines in its range of sound control options. The simple success metering LEDs are a neat feature, helping users with gain staging, signal detection, and channel mutes. For those who like to dive into the nitty-gritty of sound, the Channel Strip Mode allows detailed control over specific channel functions like gain, bass, mid, treble, and effects sends. The Mix Mode is another handy feature, giving you control over all 7 gain knobs, akin to a traditional mixer.

Robust and Adaptable Input Options

The system’s input versatility is another highlight. With multiple input options, including four XLR inputs and Bluetooth 5.0 audio, the PRX ONE caters to a wide range of audio sources. The inclusion of phantom power on channels is a rare find in portable PA systems, expanding its usability for more professional applications.

Installation Flexibility

Aesthetically, the PRX ONE is a looker. Its sleek design can complement any setting, from a cozy café gig to a corporate presentation. The system is not just about looks; its mounting options add to its flexibility. Whether it’s standing alone or mounted for a permanent installation, it fits seamlessly into various environments.

User-Friendly for All

Ease of use is a consistent theme with the JBL PRX1. Whether you’re a seasoned audio technician or someone with minimal audio experience, the system is designed to be approachable. The intuitive interface and user-friendly presets make it accessible for anyone to achieve great sound without a steep learning curve.


jbl prx one usability

In the bustling world of audio equipment, versatility and usability are key. The JBL PRX ONE is a system that promises not just great sound, but also ease of use for a wide array of users. Let’s explore how this speaker fits into the lives of different people, from DJs to corporate presenters.

A Versatile Powerhouse

Right off the bat, the PRX ONE impresses with its versatility. It’s packed with features like a robust Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system and phantom power for condenser microphones. This means whether you’re a singer/songwriter needing a reliable system for your gigs, or a DJ looking to pump up the energy at events, the PRX ONE has got you covered.

Created For a Wide Range of Users

What sets the JBL professional PRX One apart is its ability to cater to such a diverse range of users. It’s not just a speaker for musicians; it’s also a fit for corporate events, educational purposes, and even home entertainment. The variety of inputs and outputs, along with its comprehensive audio effects, make it adaptable to different scenarios. Need to plug in multiple mics for a panel discussion? Or maybe you’re a DJ mixing tracks for a dance party? The PRX ONE handles these situations with ease.

DJ's Delight and Speaker's Companion

For DJs and bands, the PRX ONE’s ability to balance bass and treble effectively is a game-changer. It ensures that the music is not just heard but felt, creating an immersive experience for any audience. Public speakers and event MCs will appreciate the clarity it brings to vocals, ensuring speeches are crisp and engaging.

Adaptable to Various Event Types

From intimate weddings to larger gatherings, the adaptability of this JBL column speaker is evident. It’s designed to perform in different environments – whether it’s providing background music at a small ceremony or powering a lively event with hundreds of guests. This adaptability is a testament to its thoughtful design, making it a reliable choice for event planners and entertainers alike.

⚖️Comparison with Competitors

jbl prx one comparison with competitors

JBL PRX One vs Bose L1 Pro32

The JBL PRX One stands out with its superior bass and power, ideal for larger venues, while the Bose L1 Pro32 excels in clarity and compactness, better suited for smaller, intimate settings. The PRX One offers more input channels, appealing to setups requiring versatility, whereas the L1 Pro32 is simpler to set up and use. Price-wise, the JBL PRX One is more budget-friendly, offering greater value for its power and features compared to the pricier Bose L1 Pro32.

JBL PRX One vs Electro-Voice Evolve 50

The PRX One and Evolve 50 are closely matched in sound quality, but the PRX One has a slight edge in volume and bass response. Both are portable, but the Evolve 50 is lighter and easier to transport. Feature-wise, the PRX One’s 7-channel mixer offers more connectivity options. In terms of price, they are similarly positioned, making the choice more dependent on brand preference and specific feature needs.

JBL PRX One vs Yamaha Stagepas 1K

The Stagepas 1K competes closely with the PRX One in sound clarity but falls short in bass response. It’s more compact and user-friendly, making it a good choice for less technical users. The PRX One, however, offers more inputs and control, suitable for varied audio setups. Price-wise, the Yamaha is often more affordable, making it a value choice for those needing a straightforward, easy-to-use system.


The EVOX J8 offers excellent sound projection and quality, but the PRX One has a more robust bass and overall power. The EVOX J8 is lighter and more portable, while the PRX One provides more comprehensive sound control.

JBL PRX One vs Mackie SRM-Flex

The SRM-Flex is a strong competitor with good sound quality, but the PRX One surpasses it in terms of power and bass. The SRM-Flex is more portable and easier to set up. The PRX One’s additional features and inputs make it more versatile.

JBL PRX One vs QSC K12.2

The QSC K12.2 is not a column PA system but competes well in sound quality and power. The PRX One offers a more integrated solution with its column design and built-in mixer. The K12.2 is more traditional and might appeal to users looking for separate components. In terms of price, they are similarly positioned, with the choice depending on the user’s preference for system type and brand.

💰 Price and Value

When it comes to investing in a sound system, balancing cost with features is key. The JBL PRX ONE sits at a unique intersection of price and value, offering a suite of capabilities that beckon a closer look. Let’s dive into whether this speaker system stands as a worthwhile investment.

Analyzing the Price Point

The PRX ONE isn’t just another speaker; it’s a comprehensive audio solution. With its robust features, the price tag warrants consideration in light of what you’re getting. Yes, it may sit at a higher price point compared to some basic models, but what you’re paying for is not just a speaker. You’re investing in versatility, top-notch sound quality, ease of use, and a system that caters to a broad spectrum of audio needs.

The Value for Different Users

For a singer/songwriter or a DJ, the PRX ONE is a solid investment. It’s a system that grows with you, handling small gigs to larger events with ease. For corporate settings, the clarity and reliability it offers can elevate presentations and conferences, making it a wise investment for businesses looking for quality and dependability.

Long-term Perspective

Considering the durability and the quality of build, the PRX ONE is an investment that’s built to last. This longevity adds to its value, potentially saving costs in the long run as opposed to replacing cheaper, less durable systems more frequently.

Who Should Buy JBL PRX One?

In the diverse world of audio systems, the JBL PRX ONE stands out as a versatile and powerful option. But who exactly is this system best suited for? Let’s explore the ideal users for whom the PRX ONE is not just a purchase, but a valuable investment.

For the Gigging Musicians and Bands

Musicians and bands who regularly perform at various venues will find the PRX ONE a game-changer. Its combination of portability, robust sound quality, and easy setup makes it ideal for gigs ranging from intimate acoustic sessions to energetic band performances. The system’s ability to deliver clear, powerful sound in different environments makes it a reliable companion for artists on the move.

DJs and Event Entertainers

DJs and event entertainers who thrive on delivering impactful sound will appreciate the PRX ONE’s combination of deep bass and crisp highs. The speaker’s versatility in handling different music genres and its ease of connectivity, including Bluetooth and multiple inputs, make it a smart choice for those who need a reliable, high-quality sound system for parties, weddings, and events.

Corporate and Educational Settings

The PRX ONE is also a perfect fit for corporate and educational environments. Its clear audio output enhances presentations, speeches, and seminars, ensuring messages are delivered crisply and understandably. The system’s professional look and ease of use make it suitable for formal settings where reliability and clarity are paramount.

Houses of Worship

Places of worship seeking a dependable audio system that can handle speeches, music, and community events will find the PRX ONE fitting their needs. Its ability to evenly distribute sound across a space ensures that congregations, regardless of size, receive a consistent auditory experience.

Home Audio Enthusiasts

For those who love hosting events or enjoy high-quality sound in their homes, the PRX ONE offers an upscale solution. Its superior sound quality, coupled with its ease of use, makes it a fantastic choice for home entertainment, from backyard parties to home concerts.

Venues and Public Speaking Professionals

Lastly, venues hosting various events and public speaking professionals will benefit from the adaptability and quality of the PRX ONE. Its ability to cater to different event types and sizes, from small gatherings to larger crowds, ensures it’s a sound investment for such settings.

Real World Performance- Testing Across Different Scenarios


Small Indoor Venues (Rating: 8.1/10)

The JBL PRX One performs well in small indoor settings, offering clear sound without overwhelming the space. However, its power might be underutilized in very small venues.

Outdoor Events (Rating: 7/10)

The speaker is capable outdoors, but its performance can vary depending on the size of the area and ambient noise. It might struggle in very large or open outdoor spaces.

Large Indoor Venues (Rating: 9.3/10)

The PRX One excels in larger indoor venues, where its power and sound clarity come into play effectively, covering a wide area with consistent sound quality.

Band Performances or DJ Sets (Rating: 6/10)

Suitable for small bands or DJ sets, but may not provide the depth and range needed for more complex or bass-heavy music in larger settings.

Public Speaking and Presentations (Rating: 9.8/10)

Excellent for public speaking, with clear vocal reproduction and sufficient volume to reach the entire audience in a variety of settings.

Home Use or Small Gatherings (Rating: 5/10)

While it delivers good sound quality, the PRX One might be overkill for home use or very small gatherings, both in terms of power and size.

Recording and Studio Work (Rating: 4.1/10)

Not ideal for studio work or recording purposes, as it’s designed more for live sound reinforcement than nuanced studio sound.

Educational Settings (Rating: 8.4/10)

Works well in educational settings for lectures or presentations, offering clear audio delivery without the need for complex setup.

Sports Events and Gyms (Rating: 6/10)

Adequate for smaller sports events or gym classes, but may not have the ruggedness or the extreme volume capacity needed for larger or outdoor sports events.

Testing with a Single Unit

In our exploration of the JBL PRX ONE’s capabilities, we adopted a unique approach to truly gauge its performance in real-world scenarios. Unlike standard tests that often involve multiple units to create a fuller sound environment, we focused on using just one unit of the JBL PRX ONE speaker. This decision was made to closely replicate the conditions that a solo performer, a small venue owner, or a typical consumer might experience. For a deeper dive into our comprehensive testing process, check out how we test speakers.

Why Test with One Speaker?

Testing with a single speaker unit offers a more realistic insight into what users can expect in everyday situations. Many users might not have the luxury of multiple units, especially in cases like solo performances, small gatherings, or personal use in home settings. By limiting our test to one speaker, we aimed to:

  • Assess the True Power and Clarity: How does the speaker perform on its own? Can it deliver the required volume and sound clarity without the support of additional units?
  • Understand the Spatial Sound Distribution: How effectively does the sound disperse in different environments? This is crucial for users who rely on a single speaker to cover an entire venue or room.
  • Evaluate Portability and Setup Ease: With just one unit, the ease of transportation and setup becomes more significant. We wanted to see how manageable the speaker is for one person to handle.


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  1. Thanks for the nice review and comparison. I’ll have to head over to Guitar Center to do a live listening test. I’m a fan of the EV Evolve 50 since they are so portable, powerful, and easy to setup and tear down after a gig. We have QSC tops and bottoms which are top notch, but very heavy, and setup and wire management is time consuming. This is why something like these JBL PRX ONE are appealing.

    P.s. In your review and comparison, could please add/specify how many speakers (1 unit or 2) you are using to make the recommendations for each venue. Thanks again.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words. It’s really cool to hear about your experiences with the EV Evolve 50 and QSC systems. I totally get what you mean about needing something that’s easy to carry and set up.

      About your question on how many speakers I used for the review: I usually test with just one speaker to see how it does on its own. This helps me figure out what one speaker can handle in different places. But you’re right, I should have mentioned that in the review. I’ll make sure to update it with this info – thanks for pointing it out!

      I hope you find the perfect speaker for your needs at Guitar Center. The JBL PRX ONE might be just what you’re looking for, especially since it’s easy to move around and set up.


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