Astro A50 Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix It Fast!

Got an Astro A50 headset that’s not charging?

You’re not alone! It’s super annoying when you’re all set for gaming, but your headset just won’t power up.

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got your back.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to fix that Astro A50 not charging issue step by step.

astro a50 not charging

Whether it’s a quick clean-up or a little tweak here and there, we’ll help you get your headset back in the game.

So, stick with us, and let’s get your Astro A50 charging again!

Understanding the Problem: Astro A50 Not Charging


Without doubt, there can’t be a more annoying thing than when your Astro A50 headset does not charge. Let me break down some of the common causes that may lead your Astro A50 headset not to charge, based on my understanding and experience from using the product.

Charging Pins Being Dirty or Damaged: This is, in fact, the reason why Astro A50 won’t charge. Over time, due to the accumulation of dirt and dust on the pins, it may lead to a loose connection. In some cases, the pins may even become damaged or bent, preventing proper contact with the charging dock.

Improper Placement on the Base Station: Another common issue is incorrect placement of the headset on its base station. If the headset is not placed rightly, it would not match with the charging contacts; therefore, it shall not charge. Firmly put the headset on the base station.

Headset Stuck in Standby Mode: Sometimes, the Astro A50 can get stuck in standby mode, which can interfere with charging. When in standby mode, the headset might not recognize that it’s been placed on the charging dock and therefore won’t initiate charging. This can often be resolved by resetting the headset or ensuring it’s turned off before placing it on the charging dock.

How to Fix Astro A50 Not Charging

Well, when I came to these types of issues, rather annoying issues whereby my Astro A50 just refused to charge on both the base and direct charging via USB, guess I kinda went into troubleshooting mode. Quite a comprehensive guide, I would say, drawn from my own experiences on how you are going to tackle these charging predicaments.

Check for Physical Damage

Check the charging pins in both the base station and those of your headset. Check for any visible damage or deformities that could block the charging process. It might be a bent pin or a warped connector if your Astro A50 is not charging on the base.

Clean the Charging Connectors

Dust, debris, and other things could all get accumulated on the way, thus blocking the correct connection of your headset with the base station. Using isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth, carefully wipe the base station’s charging pins and your headset connectors. Ensure dryness in everything before charging it again.

Proper Placement on the Base Station

Just ensure that the base station is properly aligned, and the headset well kept over it. Otherwise, it may really lead to the charging of your Astro A50 in an improper manner. How important that one simple step was, I realized a couple of times before I got it right.

Power Cycle the Base Station

A quick and effective fix that worked for me was power cycling the base station. Unplug it from the power source, wait about a minute, and then plug it back in. This can reset the base station’s power connection, potentially resolving charging issues.

Reset Your Astro A50 Headset

Reset Your Astro A50 Headset

Performing a hard reset on the headset can miraculously fix charging issues. Here’s how:

Step 1: Turn on the headset.

Step 2: Simultaneously hold the Dolby button (located between the power and EQ buttons) and the game volume button for 15-30 seconds.

Step 3: The headset will reboot, indicated by the lights turning off and then back on.

This reset method brought my Astro A50 back to life when it wouldn’t charge or pair up.
Drain the Headset’s Power

Letting the headset’s battery drain completely out of power can sometimes kickstart the charging process. It seems counterintuitive, but completely depleting the battery helped exit standby mode and allowed my headset to charge normally again.

If even after resetting your handset is still not charging here is another more advanced solution you can try.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Astro A50 Not Charging Issue

Tools Needed:

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Multimeter (optional, for testing)

Step 1: Safety First

Ensure the Astro A50 headset is powered off and disconnected from any power source.

Step 2: Remove Ear Pads

Gently pull off the ear pads from the headset. They are usually clipped or lightly glued in place and should come off with a bit of force.

Step 3: Unscrew Housing

Look for screws securing the earpiece housing to the headset. There should be around four screws. Use the Phillips screwdriver to carefully remove these screws.

Step 4: Open the Headset

With the screws removed, gently separate the earpiece housing from the main body of the headset. This should expose the internal components, including the battery and main circuit board.

Step 5: Locate the Battery Connection

Identify the battery cable that connects to the main circuit board. This is typically a small connector with two or more wires coming from the battery.

Step 6: Inspect and Adjust the Connection

Gently wiggle the battery connector to see if it’s loose. If it appears to be loosely connected, carefully disconnect it by pulling it away from the board and then reconnect it firmly to ensure a good connection.

Step 7: Test the Connection (Optional)

If you have a multimeter, you can test the voltage across the battery terminals to ensure it’s receiving power from the charger. The voltage should match the battery’s rated voltage when charging.

Step 8: Reassemble the Headset

Once you’ve confirmed the battery connection is secure, carefully reassemble the headset. Place the earpiece housing back onto the main body, ensuring no wires are pinched.

Step 9: Screw the Housing Back

Replace the screws to secure the earpiece housing to the headset.

Step 10: Reattach Ear Pads

Snap or press the ear pads back onto the earpieces.

Step 11: Test the Headset

Finally, place the headset on the charging station to see if it begins to charge properly. Look for the charging indicator light to confirm.

Additional Tips:

Be gentle when handling internal components to avoid damaging the headset.

If the issue persists, the problem might be more complex, such as a faulty battery or other hardware issues, which might require professional repair or replacement.

Preventive Measures and Maintenance for Astro A50

Careful Handling: The Astro A50 and its base station are precision devices that require careful handling to maintain their integrity.

Storage: When not in use, place the headset on the base station or in a safe, dry area where it won’t be knocked over or compressed under heavy objects.

Transport: If you need to transport your headset, consider using a protective case to avoid damage to the charging connectors or the headset itself.

Ensuring Proper Charging:

Manual Power Off: Ensure to manually power off the Astro A50 before placing it on the Base Station. This is, in fact, good assurance that the headset is completely off and not just in standby, hence having a good chance of charging well on contact with the Base Station.

Correct Placement: Ensure that the alignment of the headset and base station is rightly placed. Poor alignment will result in some charging issues, as the connectors may not mate properly.



How do I know if my Astro A50 headset is charging?

You can tell your Astro A50 headset is charging by looking at the base station. When the headset is correctly placed on the charging dock, you’ll see an amber light indicating it’s charging. Once fully charged, this light will turn white.

How to charge Astro A50 with USB?

To charge your Astro A50 headset using USB, connect the micro-USB cable to the port on the headset and then plug the other end into a USB port on your computer or a USB wall charger. The headset will begin charging, indicated by the charging light on the headset itself.

Why is my Astro A50 not powering on?

Your Astro A50 might not power on due to a drained battery, firmware issues, or a faulty charging connection. First, ensure it’s properly charged by placing it on the charging dock. If it still won’t turn on, try resetting the headset or checking for firmware updates.

Is it safe to leave Astro A50 on charging dock?

Yes, it’s safe to leave your Astro A50 headset on the charging dock when not in use. The charging dock is designed to stop charging once the headset is fully charged, preventing overcharging and extending the battery’s lifespan.

What is the battery life of Astro A50s?

The Astro A50 headset offers up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge, providing ample playtime for most gaming sessions or day-to-day use.

How long does an A50 headset take to charge?

An Astro A50 headset typically takes about 5 hours to fully charge from a completely drained battery. This can vary slightly based on the power source and the condition of the battery.

Can you replace Astro A50 battery?

Yes, the battery in an Astro A50 headset can be replaced, but it’s not designed for easy user replacement. It requires disassembling the headset, which might void the warranty. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, it’s recommended to seek professional help or contact Astro support for assistance.


We really hope this guide helped you fix your Astro A50 not charging issue! Remember, taking good care of your headset means you can enjoy your games without any annoying breaks. And guess what? There’s more where that came from.

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